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Specific Charges
Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense

Many of us have made the wrong decision and rolled the dice, choosing to drive after having too much to drink. Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense is very complicated and requires an attorney with an understanding of the particular nuances involved in Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense.

Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense
Wisconsin Juvenile Sexual Assault Charges

There has been a dramatic increase in charges of teens having consensual sex. I understand the delicate nature of the issues involved in these cases.

Wisconsin Juvenile Sexual Assault Defense
Wisconsin Drug Crimes

Whether you've been charged with kilos of Cocaine or grams of Marijuana, I will defend your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Wisconsin Drug Defense
Wisconsin Gun Crimes

In Wisconsin, there are severe penalties for possessing a firearm when prohibited. Most Felons convicted of possessing a gun end up with a prison sentence. I will work hard to defend your rights.

Wisconsin Gun Crimes Defense

The Wisconsin Felony Criminal Process can be confusing and intimidating. You need an experienced attorney to analyze the facts of your case and explain your best defense.

Wisconsin Misdemeanor Charges can carry heavy penalties - up to a year in jail. An experienced Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer can make the difference in your case.  
Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer
If you have been contacted by the authorities or charged with a crime, you need an aggressive, respected Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer. I have a long track record of successfully representing individuals accused of crimes in Wisconsin. From successfully challenging unconstitutional police action to winning "NOT GUILTY" verdicts from juries, I use all resources available to ensure my clients get the very best defense.

If you have been suspected of committing a crime, you need the advice of an experienced Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer NOW. If the authorities are questioning you about a crime, the 4 most important words you can say to them are, "I WANT A LAWYER." Do not give any type of statement to the authorities without the advice of counsel.
If you have already been charged with a crime, then you need a Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer with a proven track record of success and the sooner the better. The options available to you decrease as each day passes.
Tips for Those Accused of Wisconsin Crimes
  • Never Talk to the Police Without an Attorney Present
  • The Police Do Not Want to Be Your Friend...They Only Want You to Give Them Enough Evidence to Charge You With a Crime
  • Your Silence May Cost You a Night in Jail But Could Save You Years in Prison or Months in Jail
  • If You Are "Ordered In" to the District Attorney's Office to Discuss a Criminal Matter DO NOT Go Without an Attorney
  • Call an Experienced Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer Before Jeopardizing Your Freedom!